Nimda Business Services - Business Strategy


Keeping ahead of your competitors is not always a simple task. You want to make your business, products and services stand out from the crowd. Researching your competitors is the key to staying one step ahead, and continually growing your business.

The knowledge you gain from researching rival businesses can be used to create marketing strategies that not only take advantage of your competitors’ weaknesses but improve your own business performance. Our simple steps below outline how to stay ahead of the competition within your industry.

1. Find out who your competitors are

Learn about what your competitors offer, why they’re successful, and what you consider to be their key strengths and weaknesses. Identifying this will allow you to see the areas you need to improve in, as well as allowing you to create new ideas, making your business stand out from the crowd.

2. Set up your marketing plan

Advertising your company, sharing it wherever possible and pushing it into the public eye can give your company the exposure it needs to succeed. Marketing does not always need to be costly; you can send email campaigns and create social media posts that are virtually cost free.

3. Rebranding

Take a look at your current branding and logo. Compare this with those of your competitors, and consider whether or not your brand stands out, and reflects the unique selling point of your business. If not, rebranding might be an option so as to engage your customer base and better communicate what it is your business does and what it represents.

4. Target new markets

Selling to a wider variety of markets can increase your company turnover and customer base.  Research who your competitors’ clients are to get an idea of what other demographics you can target.

5. Plan for the Future

Business plans are great for success. With an outlined plan and a clear idea of where you want to be in 2-5 years, you can continue to grow your business and move forward in a structured and consistent manner.

Staying ahead in the business world requires dedication. The last thing you want is to allow your business to fall behind and get lost in the crowd. By maintaining your standards and using our tips above, you are limiting your likelihood of failure and maximising your chances of success.