The ongoing Virtual Assistant V’s Employee debate is often a forefront of business owner’s thoughts; deciding which would benefit your business in the long run can be confusing. As a business owner you should weigh up the pros and cons before committing to either.

Following our blog below can help you determine which option is right for you:

Virtual Assistants (VA):

A virtual assistant can do most of the tasks that an employee can complete but at a significant fraction of the cost and without the long-term commitment. Virtual Assistants can also work remotely meaning no office space needed or office equipment cost outlays. Added to this there are no Health & Safety or HMRC obligations when outsourcing and additional no requirement to pay holiday, sickness, maternity, or paternity pay.

Another positive for a VA’s is flexibility, with no long-term contract you can hire a VA at your busy period and then have a break in your quieter times. Retainer costs for a set number of hours per month can be purchased or one off, adhoc infrequent support is also available.  Outsourcing offers you the flexibility to dip into their services on a demand basis, whereas an employee will need paying even if the demand isn’t there.

Regular Employee:

When hiring a contracted employee, you are obligated to pay such benefits as holiday pay, sick pay and others. You are also entering into a contract with the employee meaning if your work slows down, you will still need to pay them each month and if the worst was to happen, you could find yourself liable for redundancy or notice pay.
When hiring an employee, you would have costs to pay out for example, office equipment, office space, maybe even uniform. You will need to be registered with HMRC and dependant on salary may be liable for Employers Tax and NI and there will requirements to see that Health & Safety and working practices are adhered. Employees usually only work set shifts with limited flexibility unlike many VA’s who offer greater flexibility because they know that being a business owner isn’t 9.00-5.00!

Which to choose?

Choosing either a Virtual Assistant or In-House Employee simply comes down to which accommodates your business needs best. If your daily tasks are repetitive, a Virtual Assistant is a good option for you. However, if your tasks need them to work with other team members or needs frequent on-the-job training, an employee is a better choice.

Virtual assistants will help you get your projects over the finish line and free up your time from the monotonous tasks. If you’re one of those people who finds themselves saying “If only there were more hours in the day”, then hiring a Virtual Assistant is probably worth considering.

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