What is Administration?

Administration is the process or organisation of running a business and essentially “office support”. This entails efficient and effective organisation of people, information, and other resources to achieve business objectives. The role of an administrator varies depending on the industry and size of your company. In a small business, an admin role might be doing anything from photocopying to credit control.

Key benefits of having an Administration role

There are many benefits of an administration role, and these may vary from company to company. Some benefits are listed below:

  • Organisation within the business
  • Structured processes and procedures
  • Improved cashflow from the effective credit control
  • A go to person to help with any task to free up your time
  • Helps with improved quality of service, efficiency and structure of business operations

Benefits of outsourcing your Administration role

There are many reasons companies choose to outsource their administration work, some of which include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Experts in various areas of administration
  • Meeting set deadlines
  • No need to provide office equipment
  • Do not have to meet Health & Safety and other Employer obligations
  • No requirement to pay PAYE, NI, Sickness, Maternity or Paternity Benefits

If you find yourself getting distracted with the day-to-day tasks of administration then outsourcing may be for you. This will enable you to free up valuable time to really grow your business and connect with new potential new clients.

Tasks an Administrative role can undertake here at Nimda Business Services

Our team of experts here at Nimda Business Services can provide administrative support in the following ways:

  • Accounts to include sales and purchase ledger, along with credit control
  • Blogs and social media support
  • Liasing with your clients
  • Booking meetings and events
  • Research work
  • HR support
  • PA/Admin duties
  • and much more!


If you are considering an administrative role within your company, then the above should help clarify the duties an administrator can undertake. Here at Nimda Business Services we specialise in offering the full back-office support solutions to a high standard and in an efficient manner. We operate as an integral part of your team but always there in the background, so you can call on our expertise. If you have a specific task that isn’t detailed above, don’t be afraid to ask!

If admin fills you with dread, please feel free to drop us an email at to arrange a free, no obligations discussion.