Its normal to have worries of handing over elements of your business to an outsource company. The fear of the unknown makes it difficult for first timers to take that step and see the benefits that it could bring to their business.

Read our article below to help you overcome the common fears you may have surrounding outsourcing.

The most common fears clients worry about:

  1. Cost – The expense is one of the biggest worry. However, the reality is, there are high chances that outsourcing might save a considerable amount to the company. By outsourcing some of the day to day or tedious task associated with being a business owner, this will free up valuable time to enable you to focus of other fee-paying jobs that are important to grow your business.  You will as find that by outsourcing you can have additional support within your business but at a fraction of the cost of employing someone, as you will not have equipment costs, employees Tax and NI and no requirement to pay holiday, sickness, maternity or paternity.
  2. Communication – Some people worry that Virtual Assistants could be hard to get hold of as they are not working in the same office as them. The reality is we are contactable on our mobile phones and emails certainly within the standard working hours but quite often outside of normal working hours because we know that being a business owner is not 9.00-5.00.
  3. Quality of work – Outsourcing services have Quality Control tools and processes to assure accuracy in data processing. The final deliverable always meets the client requirements.  Every project is audited multiple times to assure high accuracy.
  4. Secure data – A big concern for some companies can be the confidential data of their clients, the fear of data being breached can hold back some companies from outsourcing their work. We want clients to feel secure about their valuable data, and so we have adopted a series of security protocols to keep the data safe. For example some of these measures in place include VPNs, SSLS, and encryption protocols combined with our internal security measures.  When looking at outsourcing make sure they are GDPR compliant and register with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

How to outsource without the worry

It’s important that any outsourcing company you choose treats data with confidentiality and any information handed over would be destroyed once the task has been completed.

To make sure your concerns are recognised by your Virtual Assistant we recommend taking the time to find someone who understands your business and the importance of your client’s data. Initial face to face meetings and regular contact with a reliable outsourcing company to address your concerns and how to manage them will put your mind at ease.

Feel free to reach out to us if your are considering outsourcing but have concerns as you need to feel confident about your outsourcing partnership –