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Assisting you with Business Strategy, Office Support and your admin are our Specialties

Office Support

Here at Nimda Business Services we handle the Virtual Office Support of running a business whilst allowing you to focus on other business priorities.

All our staff members have a broad range of knowledge and an in-depth understanding of CRM systems. From sales focussed CRM systems to management databases, we will help collect and record data, as well as helping to generate prospects and leads, recording contacts to your preferred system.

At Nimda, we have years of experience with blog writing and social media, creating captivating posts that grab the attention of both new and existing clients.

Not only do we have great knowledge of all social media platforms and lead generation sites, but we are always on hand to help you answer any queries that come through social media. We also highlight and make our customers aware of any potential opportunities straight away.

We are always on hand to help with a range of Human Resource tasks: posting job adverts online and monitoring the responses, for example. We can also assist with suitability sifting of applicants and communicating with both the employer and candidate through each stage of the process.

On top of this, we will help you to maintain accurate and current HR records using Cloud based platforms. Alternatively, if you need handbooks or policies refreshing then look no further; our team at Nimda will be happy to take care of that.

We will handle your purchase ledger to ensure that all expenses are accurately logged with your accounts system and that all relevant documentation is stored safely and securely. We will chase overdue sales invoices via email, telephone and through Cloud Accounts software, making sure that payment is made within the client’s terms of business.

Our experienced team can help you with your next event (small or large!) by researching potential venues and organising catering. We can also organise the invitation distribution and liaise with the venue for stock delivery and setup. We are more than happy to be in attendance as a point of contact, making sure the event runs without a hitch

Our Admin duties vary greatly and can be tailored to fit the needs of any business of any size. Any task, whether it be familiar to us or new territory, will be dealt with efficiently and professionally, delivering you with the quality you expect and deserve. Some of our standard administrative duties are as follows:

Business Strategy

Here at Nimda Business Services we look at the bigger picture to ensure your business has the competitive edge.

Researching your competitors is key if you want to succeed in business and achieve growth. Recording both the strengths and weaknesses of your competition can give you scope to improve any aspects of your business that appear to be lacking; it also gives you an idea of what it is that your business does well, and what it perhaps needs to improve on in order to keep pace with the competition.

Reviewing the market periodically can help you better notice and understand changes, allowing you to alter your pricing so it falls in line with the current market. With this information, you can ensure you are competitively priced, whilst still being affordable for clients.

Regularly monitoring market trends can identify immediate time critical opportunities for your business, leaving your competitors in the wings.

Any threat to your business can be costly; it is vital that you plan ahead and continue to monitor the market to guarantee you don’t lose out. Specific planning to address and deal with threats to your business should be based on the positioning of your company in the market. Being flexible is the best way to cope with the ever-changing nature of anything that could potentially pose a risk to your business.

Streamlining is the process of improving tasks to save time, save money, and potentially free up resources. Having processes in place can ensure work is carried out to the highest standard, leaving little room for error. Modernising processes and updating technology can also improve customer relations, securing repeat business.

Business process automation is the use of technology to complete recurring tasks or processes, replacing manual effort. Not only does it minimise costs, but it increases efficiency and streamlines processes.

Lack of IT knowledge and potential cyber threats can be some of the biggest threats to a business; using system automation is an easy solution that benefits your business in more ways than one.

Conducting internal analysis can give you useful information and data about your company’s competencies and capabilities. This data can then be used to develop a strategic planning objective, leading to future business success.


We are experts in our field and provide specialist services to the highest calibre to ensure our clients get the best service possible.

So well, we aim to surpass client expectations and that is why we fully guarantee our services for your reassurance.

A Virtual Assistant also known as a VA provides remote office support to businesses covering predominantly general admin and secretarial support but some VA’s work within specific industry sectors or excel within specialist skillsets such as social media, event management, finance. Very few offer the ability to support all areas within your back office like we do at Nimda Business Services.d ahead.

Business Strategy is a clearly defined plan which details processes and procedures to help a business reach its goals and achieve growth. This can help set you apart from your competition and secure a competitive edge in your market.

You have probably found yourself looking at our website, along with others offering similar services because you can relate to one of the following reasons:

  • Time is against you when it comes to achieving deadlines.
  • Daily admin tasks are consuming too much of your time.
  • You may need help in a certain area of your business where you may feel out of your comfort zone, such as marketing/social media, finance, personnel, etc.
  • To free up time for you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
  • You are looking to grow but not sure where to start.
  • Concerns over whether you have the infrastructure in place to allow for expansion.
  • You only pay for the time used.
  • No need to provide office equipment or a place to work.
  • You have no Health and Safety obligations.
  • No requirement to pay holiday, sickness, maternity or paternity, etc.
  • Additional support on hand when needed.

No, we work with businesses to ascertain the number of hours we feel your business would need to support your requirements.

We then base our proposal on one of the following options:

One-Off Rate: A rate which is generally charged where our services are required as a one-off or on an infrequent basis, tasks such as formatting manuals/handbooks, setting up Databases/CRM systems.

Hourly Rate: Where support is needed on an ad-hoc basis, maybe to cover a period of sickness / holiday or to get back on top of the admin workload following time out of the office.

Retainer: For regular on-going weekly/monthly support.

We have an initial, free, no obligations consultation with prospective clients to determine their needs and where we can add the greatest benefit to their business. However, please refer to our pricing page for an indication of costs. If following our consultation you are interested in using our services we will provide a full breakdown of costs by way of a proposal for your acceptance.

We are always transparent with our clients regarding how long tasks will take and the cost involved, you won’t find any hidden charges, all costs will be clearly defined in the prosposal.

Of course! Here at NIMDA Business Services, we love meeting our clients face to face. Although we primarily work remotely, we understand how important it is to have face to face interaction with our clients.

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