Reviving connections with old clients can be a great strategy. Here’s a plan for reconnecting and exploring new opportunities.


Begin with a warm greeting and a brief personal touch to jog their memory. Mention something specific about your past interactions to show you remember.

Express Interest:

Express genuine interest in their well-being and the progress of their business since your last interaction. Ask about any updates or changes in their needs, as businesses evolve, and their requirements may have shifted.

Remind of Past Collaboration:

Briefly remind them of the positive experiences you shared in the past. Highlight successful projects or milestones you achieved together.

Share Your Updates:

Update them on any changes or improvements in your products/services. Mention recent successes, new offerings, or noteworthy achievements your company has experienced.

Offer Value:

Suggest how you can add value to their current situation. Propose solutions or services that align with their business goals. Provide relevant insights or resources that could benefit them.

Propose a Meeting or Call:

Suggest a casual catch-up over coffee, a virtual meeting, or a phone call to discuss potential collaboration. Offer flexibility in terms of timing to accommodate their schedule.


Express enthusiasm about the possibility of working together again, provide your contact information and encourage them to reach out at their convenience.

Follow-Up Email Example:

I hope this email finds you well. It’s been a while since we last connected, and I’ve been thinking about the [specific project] we worked together on. I trust that your business has been thriving since then.

I wanted to share some exciting updates on our end. [Briefly mention updates, successes, or changes in your company]. I’m eager to hear about any developments on your side as well.

Given our past collaboration, I believe there might be new ways we could work together to benefit your business. Whether it’s [specific service] or [another relevant offering], I’m confident we can find a solution that aligns with your current needs.

Would you be open to a quick catch-up? I’d love to hear your thoughts and explore potential opportunities. We could arrange a virtual meeting or a call at a time that suits you best.

Looking forward to reconnecting and hopefully collaborating again.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Contact Information]