Our client was feeling inundated by emails, phone calls and admin tasks; they were consuming so much of their time that they were unable to focus on any other aspect of the business and generally “couldn’t see the wood for the trees”.  As a result, their clients were getting agitated by the lack of response to emails which resulted in the volume of calls increasing as their customers felt this was the most effective way to get answers.  The constant interruption of emails and calls meant there was no time to build client relations or to drive the business forward.  Evenings and weekends were no longer their own!

Asking the questions

  • Is there a reoccurring reason as to why the influx of emails / calls?
  • Were clients emailing more than once? And if so, why?
  • What was preventing the responses to emails? 
  • Was it merely lack of time/resource?
  • Requested information not available? And if so, why was this?
  • Poor processes in place to handle the enquiries?
  • The current process for handling enquiries.
  • Average response time to emails.
  • Were calls being answered or were they being allowed to go to messaging service.

Identifying the Issue

It soon became apparent that many of the emails were from customers wanting feedback following a staff member’s visit to the customers site/premises. 

Following the site visits staff would submit their Action Sheet via email but these were adding to the volume of emails, and because there was no procedure in place to process these Action Sheets, clients were then emailing to chase them up, heightening the volume of emails.  And, consequently, if the customer did not receive a response to their email they would then contact via the phone.

Achieving Results

We implemented a system whereby staff would send through their Action Sheets to an ‘Action Sheet’ specific email address. 

Nimda Business Services would monitor this email address daily.  We would check the written content and then save in a PDF format, and then distribute to the customer each day.  Once emailed to the customer the job was closed off internally which was then the prompt for the work to be invoiced.

By setting up the ‘Action Sheet’ specific email address it reduced the volume of emails going to the general office email.  In addition, because the Action Sheets were being processed daily customers were not needing to email or call to chase for the information.

The result of which was that our client reduced the email volume by half, and the phone would only ring if it was a genuine enquiry.  This allowed our client to be able to spend time building customer relations and increase their customer base. 

They also regained their weekends and quality time with the family.