A recently established business got in touch wanting someone to look at their social media and posting of content across their social media platforms.

Asking the questions

During several meetings with the client we worked with the to determine what their requirements were regarding Social Media: 

  • Provide a background and understand of the nature of your business?
  • Do you currently have any social media platforms?  If so, which ones?
  • If you have social media platforms, are they integrated and working coherently?
  • Are your social media platforms clearly displayed on your website and vice versa?
  • What are your goals and objectives regarding social media?
  • Target audience, and why?
  • What engagement have you had to date?
  • By having a social media presence what are you hoping to achieve from it?

After completing the factfinding, we were then able to put forward a proposal.

Identifying the Issue

Following time with the client we were able to ascertain that although they had a social media presence it was lacking company branding and identity and was not integrated between each of the platforms, and content was rarely being posted.  Therefore, followers were minimal and engagement was poor.

Acheiving Results

We commenced by clearly branding each of the social media platforms (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn) with the company logo, colours, and providing a clear picture as to the services offered by the business.  Then we went on to ensure each of the platforms were working coherently, and that all posts would be seen across each of the platforms.  Each social media platform was set-up to clearly displayed links through to their website and equally we saw that the website displayed links back to their social media.

We then worked with the client to suggest content and create posts to ensure that twice weekly posts were made to each of the platforms; these ranged from informative posts, fun imagery, milestones and achievements within the business.  We also, looked at significant dates in the calendar and created posts in relation to these.

Prior to posting we looked at the best time to post to each of the platforms and scheduled the posts according to maximum target audience engagement.

Through consistent and engaging posts, we improved interaction and visibility; monitoring of analytics also verified this fact.