Christmas is an exciting time for everyone but working in a corporate company, small or large can make this time of year even more joyful. The long-anticipated works Christmas party, when you can let your hair down and enjoy yourselves in recognition of all the hard work during the year.

Before you get planning you need to set a date, ideally a date which works around company deadlines, tends, end of month, etc.  However, remember you won’t please everyone.

Following our simple steps below will help towards organising a stress-free Christmas Party!

Finding the venue

For small to medium companies there are many venues which hold Christmas joiner party’s where different companies attend a themed night for a cost per person. This usually included a meal, drink on arrival and entertainment throughout the night. The venue would likely be a hotel with large conference rooms or a stadium/concert hall.

Alternatively, if your company is large and would require a private Christmas party seeking out a venue to exclusively hire would suit. Once the venue is sourced you would need to seek contractors for entertainment, drinks, and dinner/buffet. The venue you hire may have preferred contractors for these, so its always a good idea to ask before you arrange your own.

The pitfalls

Whilst the Christmas party should be exciting to plan and attend there are some things as an employer and event organiser you should think about beforehand to lower the chances of anything going wrong.

  • Avoid pressurising staff to attend – There may be factors out of their control as to why they can’t attend such as faith or abstinence from drink.
  • Let staff attending parties know in advance what acceptable standards of behaviour are expected of them – Make it clear of what behaviour is expected from them at the event, even if the party is being held away from the workplace. 
  • Watch out for drug use or excessive drinking – Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, it is an offence for an employer to permit or even ignore drug use on their premises.
  • Make it clear to staff if they are expected to turn up for work as normal the following day – Lead by example, research suggests that senior managers are more likely to call in sick the day after a Christmas party than junior staff members. 
  • Always act professionally – Business owners should also remember to act professionally when socialising with staff and not let anything slip which they wouldn’t do in the office.

How to make it one to remember for all the right reason

Celebrating that the whole company has worked hard this year is a good chance to reflect on all you’ve achieved. Making sure you and your employees have a memorable night for the right reasons is important. Creating a happy, fun filled environment for the party is key to creating a night to look back on and remember.

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