All businesses have lost clients at some point during their career, there could be several reasons you have lost contact with a client. Regardless of the reason there is always chance to reconnect later down the line, whether that be to introduce new products or services or to simply get back in touch with them to see how things are and rebuild the working relationship you once had.

Follow our 5 simple ways below to reconnect with a previous client:

  1. Sending a re-engagement email – One of the best and fastest ways to connect with your clients is to send an email, most people are too busy to have lengthy phone conversations and are more likely to respond to an email at their own convenience.
  2. Send our customer surveys – Another way of getting feedback from previous clients on where things went wrong is perfect to break the ice. By send a survey via email you can reconnect with ways you can improve their customer experience once they have filled it out!
  3. Special Offers – Who doesn’t love a special offer or discount off products and services. A tailored email specific to the client you want to reconnect with can make them consider using your company again.
  4. Personalised Video – You could, for instance, use this unique opportunity to ask them how they are and how their business is doing while reminding them of how your services could help them grow. This personalised video message will make them feel as though you genuinely want to reconnect with them.
  5. Send them a message relating to their personal life events – For example if you see they have a birthday or wedding coming up a simple “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” can be the perfect conversation starter.

Follow up with you dormant clients today

Many of us put off rekindling old relationships for fear of finding the right words to say, but to achieve the rewards you have to put the effort in. To achieve deeper customer engagement, you’ll have to make sure you’re delivering outstanding customer service and doing all you can to grow your business and customer satisfaction.

If you need help finding the right content to send to your previous clients then contact us today for assistance.